Rename argpar_iter_get_ingested_orig_args() -> argpar_iter_ingested_orig_args()
[argpar.git] / argpar /
2021-06-04  Philippe ProulxRename argpar_iter_get_ingested_orig_args() -> argpar_i...
2021-06-04  Philippe ProulxRename argpar_iter_parse_next() -> argpar_iter_next()
2021-06-04  Philippe ProulxAdd error enumerators to `enum argpar_iter_parse_next_s...
2021-06-03  Philippe Proulxargpar.c: add error enumerators to `enum parse_orig_arg...
2021-06-03  Philippe Proulxargpar_iter_parse_next(): make the `error` parameter...
2021-06-03  Philippe ProulxMake `struct argpar_item` opaque
2021-05-31  Philippe Proulxargpar.h: `BABELTRACE_ARGPAR_H` -> `ARGPAR_ARGPAR_H`
2021-05-31  Philippe Proulxargpar/argpar.{c,h}: fix coding style
2021-05-31  Simon MarchiAdd iterator-style API
2021-04-10  Simon MarchiUse SPDX-style license header
2021-04-10  Simon MarchiFix: Error out when passing an argument to long option...
2020-03-15  Simon MarchiAdd format attributes to functions with format strings
2019-12-06  Simon MarchiAdd missing va_end in argpar_vasprintf
2019-12-05  Simon MarchiRemove bt_/BT_ prefixes throughout
2019-12-05  Simon MarchiFix comments in bt_argpar_item_array, data -> items
2019-12-04  Simon MarchiStrip trailing spaces
2019-12-04  Simon MarchiAdd build system, remove dependency on glib, add TAP...
2019-12-04  Simon MarchiInitial commit
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