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[babeltrace.git] / doc / development.txt
1 This document describes some principles that should be respected when
2 developing in Babeltrace.
4 Memory usage :
6 Since Babeltrace exports a library, we need to make sure that all allocated
7 memory is freed, we do not want any memory leaks.
8 Since Babeltrace uses the glib, it is necessary to assist a little valgrind
9 when trying to identify memory leaks.
11 libpopt has issues with inconsistency between versions. Namely, libpopt
12 0.16 allocates memory for the string returned by poptgetArg(), but not
13 libpopt 0.13. Therefore, we are providing a warning suppression file
14 that covers this case in the extras/ directory of the source code.
16 So the proper invocation of Babeltrace with Valgrind is :
18 G_SLICE=always-malloc G_DEBUG=gc-friendly \
19 valgrind --leak-check=full \
20 --suppressions=path_to_babeltrace_src/extras/valgrind/popt.supp \
21 babeltrace
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