Tests: Split lib tests in multiple standalone test scripts
[babeltrace.git] / .gitignore
2013-08-22  Christian BabeuxTests: Split lib tests in multiple standalone test...
2013-07-08  JP IkaheimonenAdd Windows exe files to .gitignore
2013-02-07  Jérémie GalarneauMove the bitfield test to tests/lib/
2013-01-25  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd babeltrace.pc to gitignore
2012-11-16  Yannick BrosseauInclude a test for SEEK_BEGIN and SEEK_LAST
2011-06-08  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate gitignore
2011-05-07  Mathieu DesnoyersComplete dummy trace creation
2011-05-07  Mathieu Desnoyersupdate gitignore
2010-12-29  Mathieu DesnoyersBuild fix
2010-12-28  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd autotools build
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