Version 1.2.0-rc2
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2014-02-27  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.2.0-rc2 v1.2.0-rc2
2014-02-19  Mathieu DesnoyersBump soname version to 1.0.0
2014-02-14  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.2.0-rc1 v1.2.0-rc1
2013-12-13  Julien Desfossezlttng-live input plugin
2013-11-29  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into bindings/python
2013-11-13  Jérémie GalarneauDon't generate Python bindings by default
2013-11-12  Jérémie GalarneauMerge branch 'master' into bindings/python
2013-10-31  Jérémie GalarneauAdd CTF Writer implementation
2013-08-26  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into bindings/python
2013-08-22  Christian BabeuxTests: Add trace reading test with babeltrace bin
2013-08-22  Christian BabeuxTests: Move TAP helpers to tests/utils/tap
2013-08-15  Yannick BrosseauPut the libbabeltrace-ctf specific parts of babeltrace...
2013-08-15  Yannick BrosseauTest for presence of bison and flex when building from git
2013-07-08  JP IkaheimonenAdd MinGW implementation of UUID functions
2013-07-08  JP IkaheimonenAdd MinGW32 libraries to executables
2013-07-05  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into bindings/python
2013-06-19  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.1.1 v1.1.1
2013-05-28  Thomas PetazzoniSupport old compilers
2013-04-06  Mathieu DesnoyersMove ctf-metadata plugin into its own shared object
2013-03-23  Christian BabeuxReplace AM_PROG_MKDIR obsolete macro with AC_PROG_MKDIR_P
2013-03-23  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.1.0 v1.1.0
2013-01-24  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.0.3 v1.0.3
2013-01-20  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into bindings/python
2013-01-16  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into bindings/python
2013-01-11  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.0.2 v1.0.2
2013-01-11  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.0.1 v1.0.1
2012-12-14  Yannick BrosseauProvides a basic pkg-config file for libbabeltrace
2012-11-16  Yannick BrosseauInclude a test for SEEK_BEGIN and SEEK_LAST
2012-10-27  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.0.0 v1.0.0
2012-10-18  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 1.0.0-rc6 v1.0.0-rc6
2012-10-18  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd valgrind suppression file for libpopt
2012-09-06  Mathieu DesnoyersMerge branch 'master' into bindings/python
2012-08-27  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-rc5 v1.0.0-rc5
2012-08-24  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: support large files on 32-bit systems
2012-08-10  Danny SerresBabeltrace python binding
2012-05-30  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-rc4 v1.0.0-rc4
2012-05-29  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-rc3 v1.0.0-rc3
2012-04-24  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-rc2 v1.0.0-rc2
2012-04-18  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-rc1 v1.0.0-rc1
2012-03-16  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-pre4 v1.0.0-pre4
2012-03-06  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement fallback for systems lacking open_memstream...
2012-03-02  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-pre3 v1.0.0-pre3
2012-03-01  Mathieu DesnoyersCreate BSD wrapper for uuid
2012-02-23  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-pre2 v1.0.0-pre2
2012-02-20  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 1.0.0-pre1 v1.0.0-pre1
2012-02-16  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.12 v0.12
2012-02-16  Julien DesfossezAPI : cleanup includes
2012-02-13  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.11.1
2012-02-13  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.11 v0.11
2012-02-10  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.10 v0.10
2012-02-06  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd babeltrace.1 manpage
2012-02-02  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.9 v0.9
2012-01-19  Mathieu DesnoyersFix parallel build for lib/
2012-01-16  Julien DesfossezCreate the babeltrace include dir on install
2011-12-13  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 0.8 v0.8
2011-12-01  Mathieu DesnoyersAC_PROG_LIBTOOL is deprecated in favor of LT_INIT
2011-11-03  Thomas add check for popt library
2011-09-29  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 0.7 v0.7
2011-08-13  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.6 v0.6
2011-08-13  Julien DesfossezExport the babeltrace API in babeltrace.h
2011-08-12  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.5, add changelog v0.5
2011-08-06  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 0.4 v0.4
2011-08-03  Mathieu DesnoyersVersion 0.3 v0.3
2011-07-22  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate version to 0.2 v0.2
2011-07-20  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing include files to dist tarball
2011-07-18  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd dummy output module
2011-05-23  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd MIT-licensed priority heap, based on CLRS, chap. 6
2011-05-23  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate glib dep to 2.22 in
2011-05-07  Mathieu Desnoyerstext output
2011-04-21  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd uuid test to
2011-02-07  Mathieu DesnoyersCheck specifically for bison
2011-02-07  Mathieu DesnoyersMake CTF metadata parser reentrant
2011-02-07  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd CTF metadata lexer/parser (lex/yacc)
2010-12-29  Mathieu DesnoyersBuild fix
2010-12-28  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd autotools build
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