configure: enable -Wshadow-field
[babeltrace.git] / include /
2020-04-10  Michael JeansonMove to kernel style SPDX license identifiers
2020-01-20  Philippe ProulxDocument libbabeltrace2's C API
2020-01-10  Philippe Proulxlib: rename "self comp. input port message iter." ...
2020-01-08  Simon Marchilib: introduce bt_message_iterator_class
2019-11-20  Simon Marchilib: remove bt_packet_context_field API
2019-10-23  Simon MarchiFix: define macros for logging levels
2019-08-26  Simon Marchictf: make src.ctf.fs append error causes
2019-08-13  Philippe Proulxlib: add bt_get_{greatest_operative,maximal}_mip_versio...
2019-08-13  Philippe Proulxlib: add component descriptor set API
2019-08-05  Philippe Proulxlib: remove output port message iterator
2019-07-26  Philippe Proulxlib: prepare the ground for stateful query operations
2019-07-24  Philippe Proulxlib: add interrupter API
2019-07-18  Philippe Proulxlib: add integer range and integer range set API
2019-07-10  Philippe ProulxMove `include/babeltrace2/ctf-writer` -> `include/babel...
2019-07-10  Philippe ProulxRemove legacy `include/babeltrace2/{ctf-ir,ctf}` direct...
2019-07-10  Philippe Proulxlib: force user to include `<babeltrace2/babeltrace.h>`
2019-07-10  Philippe ProulxFix: CTF writer: make library have its own public ...
2019-07-08  Simon Marchilib: remove stream activity messages
2019-07-06  Philippe Proulxlib: add thread-safe error reporting API
2019-07-03  Philippe Proulxlib: strictly type function return status enumerations
2019-06-12  Michael JeansonRe-organize sources
2019-06-11  Michael Jeansonctf-writer: externalize libbabeltrace2-ctf-writer
2019-06-07  Michael Jeansonlib: rename include dir to babeltrace2
2019-05-03  Simon Marchiinclude: add missing files to dist tarball
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxFix: include/ add missing `babeltrace/ctf...
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxAdd a common, internal CTF serialization library; make...
2019-05-02  Francis Deslaurierslib: rename inactivity msg to msg iterator inactivity msg
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxinclude/ add missing files
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: add discarded packets message
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: add discarded events message
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: add stream activity beginning/end messages
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: add seeking (beginning, ns from origin), with...
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: remove CTF concepts of packet and event headers
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxbt_clock_class_create(): accept mandatory trace class
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: rename "clock value" -> "clock snapshot"
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: rename "notification" -> "message"
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: make public reference count functions have strict...
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: rename plural file names to singular
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: split trace API into trace class and trace APIs
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: make graph API const-correct
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: make plugin API const-correct
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: make trace IR API const-correct
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: make values API const-correct
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: move plugin set API declarations to `babeltrace...
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: graph: add "self" and some "private" APIs
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxGraph API: split into private and public APIs
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxTrace IR and notification APIs: split into private...
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxValues API: split into private and public APIs
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxRename: bt_put(), bt_get() -> bt_object_put_ref(),...
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxRename: field type -> field class
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxCTF IR -> Trace IR
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxMake API CTF-agnostic
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: fully detach CTF IR and CTF writer implementations
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: remove clock class priority map, use default clock...
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: update and simplify the `bt_object` API
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: use object pool for event and packet notifications
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: add internal object pool API and use it; adapt...
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxSplit CTF IR and CTF writer APIs and implementations
2019-05-02  Philippe ProulxAdd internal BT_ASSERT() and BT_ASSERT_PRE() helpers
2019-05-02  Philippe Proulxlib: do not allow any mapped clock class in trace's...
2018-09-12  Michael JeansonAdd git version string
2018-01-30  Jérémie GalarneauAdd missing clock.h compatiblity header under ctf-ir
2017-09-15  Philippe ProulxSplit clock value API from clock class API
2017-09-15  Philippe Proulxlib: add output port notification iterator
2017-09-15  Philippe ProulxSplit notification iterator API into base and specializ...
2017-09-15  Philippe ProulxAdd query executor
2017-08-18  Michael JeansonTest: use static data in test_ctf_writer
2017-08-11  Philippe ProulxAdd built-in colander sink component class
2017-07-17  Michael JeansonCompletely rework
2017-07-06  Philippe ProulxAutomatically generate discarded packets/events notific...
2017-07-05  Michael JeansonPort: Add winsock support to live for mingw
2017-07-05  Michael JeansonPort: dirfd is not portable, replace it
2017-06-09  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: add missing files to make dist, disable python...
2017-06-09  Michael JeansonPort: Add utsname.h compat for mingw
2017-06-09  Michael JeansonPort: Add time.h compat for mingw
2017-06-09  Michael JeansonPort: Add bt_common_get_page_size
2017-05-28  Philippe Proulxlib/values.c: logging: log value's type name
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxDo not use `bool` type; use new `bt_bool` instead
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxMove library's version API to include/babeltrace/version.h
2017-05-28  Philippe Proulxinclude/ add titles (comments) to groups...
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxRemove "end of trace" notification headers
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxAdd logging API (internal to log, public to set the...
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxRemove notification-schema.h: not needed for 2.0
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxFix a few include warnings
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxAdd `-internal` suffix to all internal header files
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxAdd inactivity notification
2017-05-28  Julien Desfossezdebug-info filter plugin
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxRemove Babeltrace 1 files and reorganize the tree
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxAdd clock class priority map object
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxRename <babeltrace/component/...> -> <babeltrace/graph...
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxVisibility: split graph API into public and private...
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxPut Python plugin support in a separate shared object
2017-05-28  Jérémie GalarneauRemove component prefix from graph, connection and...
2017-05-28  Jérémie GalarneauAdd the component port interface
2017-05-28  Jérémie GalarneauImplement the component connection interface
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxAdd bt_plugin_create_from_name()
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxAdd support for plugins written in Python
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxInstall notification headers in babeltrace/component...
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxRename input.h -> component-input-internal.h
2017-05-28  Philippe ProulxPrefix {source,filter,sink}*.h file names with component-
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