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2011-04-21  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate alignment section
2011-04-19  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate metadata format description
2011-04-15  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate declaration-specifiers in grammar
2011-04-13  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing type assignment operator
2011-04-13  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd _Imaginary type specifier
2011-04-12  Mathieu DesnoyersRemove duplicated text
2011-04-04  Mathieu DesnoyersExplain dynamic scope vs current context
2011-04-01  Mathieu Desnoyersupdate dynamic scope explanation
2011-04-01  Mathieu DesnoyersClarify declaration/definition and scope
2011-02-27  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate proposal type class description
2011-02-07  Mathieu Desnoyersupdate proposal
2011-02-05  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd scope semantic, add abstract declarations
2011-02-04  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd typedef/typealias to scopes
2011-02-04  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate grammar
2011-01-31  Mathieu Desnoyersupdate enum: <> is after identifier
2011-01-31  Mathieu Desnoyersupdate struct/variant specifier
2011-01-27  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd missing typealias to keywords
2011-01-27  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd grammar
2011-01-21  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd "tagged" union
2011-01-19  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd true/false explanation
2011-01-19  Mathieu Desnoyersu->v (union -> variant)
2011-01-19  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd "variants"
2011-01-14  Mathieu Desnoyersupdate to enum
2011-01-14  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate proposal: remove duplicate styles for array/seq
2011-01-14  Mathieu DesnoyersUpdate named types
2011-01-13  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd "ctf" to title
2011-01-13  Mathieu DesnoyersRename proposal document title, add links
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