2017-12-06  Jonathan Rajottetox: base test command and positional arguments master
2017-12-06  Jonathan RajotteFix: do not use hard linking
2017-11-27  Jonathan RajotteInclude tox inside README
2017-11-27  Jonathan RajotteLogging level to INFO
2017-11-27  Jonathan RajotteUpdate tox and readme steps
2017-11-27  Jonathan RajotteFix: circular dependency between bootstrap and projects...
2017-11-27  Jonathan RajotteAdd tox support for easier deployment in CI
2017-11-23  Jonathan RajotteUnexpected success on ust_soname_vs_tools for 2.10
2017-11-23  Jonathan RajotteBasic how to run
2017-11-23  Jonathan RajotteFix: cleanup for classpath
2017-11-23  Jonathan RajotteRename to
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteBase readme
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteLicensing information
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteFix typo
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteAdd python venv requirement.txt file
2017-11-22  Jonathan Rajotteliblttng-ctl backward compatibility tests
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteRevert
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce ust_app_tools_update tests
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteInclude lttng-ctl apps for liblttng-ctl testing
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteTypo
2017-11-22  Jonathan Rajottefixup! Introduce precooked project
2017-11-22  Jonathan Rajottefixup! Implement Runtime wrapper
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteCleanup
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteValidate the trace generated during testing
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteConsumerd swapping for 2.8-2.9 unexpectedly works in...
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteInclude babeltre 1.3 testing even if flaky
2017-11-22  Jonathan RajotteAlways issues lttng stop before destroy
2017-11-17  Jonathan RajotteFix: be aggressive on closing to prevent hanging sessiond
2017-11-17  Jonathan RajotteSupport optional args for sessiond_spawn
2017-11-17  Jonathan RajotteAdd timeout to run
2017-11-17  Jonathan RajotteUse subprocess_terminate on Runtime close
2017-11-17  Jonathan RajotteFix: use uuid for kill
2017-11-17  Jonathan RajotteCleanup
2017-11-15  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce babeltrace live test
2017-11-15  Jonathan RajotteUtility function for relayd spawning
2017-11-15  Jonathan RajotteRework subprocess utility function
2017-11-15  Jonathan RajotteUnload test module only if it was loaded
2017-11-15  Jonathan RajotteTraceback is not used
2017-11-14  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce basic babeltrace testing
2017-11-14  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce consumerd vs relayd testing
2017-11-14  Jonathan RajotteRemove debug printing statement
2017-11-13  Jonathan RajotteBase utils for xsd mi validation and saved sessions...
2017-11-13  Jonathan RajotteIgnore .envrc from direnv
2017-11-13  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce save load test
2017-11-08  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce
2017-11-07  Jonathan RajotteDo not use for now since a regression in userspace...
2017-11-07  Jonathan RajotteAdd test_ust_java_agent_vs_tools
2017-11-06  Jonathan RajotteSupport version ABI check for test_ust_app_vs_ust_tools
2017-11-01  Jonathan RajotteBuild jul agent and python agent for lttng-ust
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteAdd statedump regen and star globing for ust testing
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteFix: not fails
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteAdd utility shell script to launch pytest under a venv
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteImplement part of test_modules_abi_vs_tools
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteFormatting
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteRename to must_be_root
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteFix: wrong option for directory manipulation of modprobe
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteRemove unnecessary handler
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteChecksum the file to validate that the pickl...
2017-10-31  Jonathan RajotteUse os.path.join
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteAdd test_ust_tracepoint_probe_ABI_API_vs_ust
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteMarx as xfail since it seems to be problematic
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteAdd ust_tracepoint_ABI-API_vs_ust
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteAdd preload_provider app
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteAlways terminate sessiond before reading traces.
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteOutput env cmd file as a possible bash like format...
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteAdd ld_preload capability to
2017-10-26  Jonathan RajotteFix: ld_library_path uses : as separator
2017-10-24  Jonathan RajotteExtract spawn sessiond to utils function
2017-10-24  Jonathan RajotteRemove whitespace
2017-10-24  Jonathan RajotteBasic test ust_app_vs_ust_tools
2017-10-24  Jonathan Rajottemodules_abi_vs_tools base empty test
2017-10-24  Jonathan RajotteBasic utils
2017-10-24  Jonathan RajotteImport gen-ust-app application
2017-10-24  Jonathan RajotteMultiple framework fixes
2017-10-16  Jonathan RajotteImplement Runtime wrapper
2017-10-11  Jonathan RajotteIntroduce precooked project
2017-10-02  Jonathan RajotteBase framework and liblttng-ust-ctl test
2017-10-02  Jonathan RajotteIgnore swp file and .cache directory
2017-10-02  Jonathan RajotteCleanuop to squash
2017-10-02  Jonathan RajotteAdd ignore for python in general and project specific...
2017-10-02  Jonathan RajotteInitial commit
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