Tests: add duplicated providers tests
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1 Those test cases are designed to test the support for loading and unloading
2 probe providers and callsites at run time during tracing. One test case also
3 tests the event payload comparaison functions.
5 Testing build artefacts:
6 ------------------------
8 ./exec-with-callsites
9 Test binary built with tracepoint callsites
11 ./exec-without-callsites
12 Test binary built without tracepoint callsites
14 /.libs/libprobe_*.so:
15 Libraries containing slight variations of probe providers for the same
16 tracepoint name. Note that the file /.libs/libprobes_a_prime.so has the same
17 content as .libs/libprobes_a.so likewise for libprobes_c_prime.so
19 /.libs/libcallsites_*.so
20 Libraries containing tracepoint callsites. The user must dlopen the library
21 and use dlsym to get an handle on the function that calls the tracepoint.
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