Fix: sessiond: erroneous user check logic in session_access_ok
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2016-05-24  Michael JeansonTypo: occured -> occurred
2013-12-17  Jérémie GalarneauAdd daemon and session configuration save/restore RFC
2013-09-13  David GouletAdd original snapshot proposal to documentation
2013-04-11  David GouletFix: typos in the code base
2012-09-25  David GouletAdd testpoint mechanism proposal 0005
2012-08-14  David GouletUpdate proposal 0004-lttng-address-api
2012-08-08  David GouletAdd lttng URL proposal for the public API
2012-07-31  David GouletAdd lttng address API proposal. Initial import
2012-07-23  David GouletFix and update content of doc/ directory
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