centralize sessiond config option handling
[lttng-tools.git] / src / bin / lttng-sessiond / modprobe.c
2017-11-12  Jérémie Galarneaucentralize sessiond config option handling
2016-11-21  Francis DeslauriersFix: add missing refcount of loaded modules
2016-11-18  Jérémie GalarneauFix: only unload successfully loaded kernel modules
2016-10-05  Simon Marchilttng-sessiond: auto-load lttng-probe-i2c module
2016-03-17  Michael JeansonAdd builtin modules support to kmod modprobe
2016-03-17  Michael JeansonAdd comments to kmod functions
2016-03-16  Michael JeansonAdd libkmod rmmod support
2016-03-16  Michael JeansonMove libkmod ifdef to beginning of file
2016-03-16  Michael JeansonDrop optional control modules load and unload
2015-10-24  Mathieu DesnoyersLoad x86-exceptions lttng-modules probe
2015-10-24  Mathieu DesnoyersLoad x86-irq-vectors lttng-modules probe
2015-10-19  Michael JeansonPort: Remove _GNU_SOURCE, defined in config.h
2015-05-06  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up append_list_to_probes()
2015-05-06  Philippe ProulxFix: modprobe.c: fix tmp_list memory leak
2015-05-06  Philippe ProulxFix: append_list_to_probes(): increment index
2014-11-26  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: OOM leaks in sessiond modprobe.c
2014-11-26  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: sessiond modprobe.c: coding style
2014-11-26  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: add missing static to function modprobe_remove...
2014-11-15  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: define _LGPL_SOURCE in C files
2014-09-19  Philippe ProulxFix: ignore error when loading optional kmod
2014-09-19  Philippe Proulxsessiond: Add --extra-kmod-probes option
2014-09-08  Umut Tezduyar LindskogLoad modules through kmod
2014-05-14  Jan GlauberConfigurable kernel module probes support
2014-05-14  Jan GlauberRemove required parameter from module parameters
2014-05-14  Jan GlauberSeperate probe modules from control modules
2014-05-14  Jan GlauberUse common functions for module loading and unloading
2014-04-10  Wade FarnsworthInsert V4L2 instrumentation module on session start
2013-12-03  David GouletFix: remove unused code in session daemon
2013-07-08  Mohamad GebaiAutomatically load kvm-x86 and kvm-x86-mmu probes.
2013-06-18  Jérémie GalarneauFix: Remove reference to lttng-probe-lttng kernel module
2013-01-07  Andrew GabbasovAdd kernel modules loading for new probes
2012-11-28  Andrew GabbasovFix a typo in lttng-probe-module name
2012-11-14  Woegerer, PaulEnable additional kernel probes
2012-03-12  Alexandre MontplaisirLicense header fixes
2012-03-02  David GouletMerge branch 'master' of git://git.lttng.org/lttng...
2012-03-02  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: All perror turned into PERROR to show file and...
2012-02-16  Mathieu Desnoyersmodprobe timer instrumentation module
2012-02-16  Mathieu Desnoyersmodprobe lttng-probe-signal
2012-02-16  Mathieu DesnoyersAutomatically load new lttng-probe-statedump.ko module
2012-01-22  David GouletUpdate lttng kernel modules names
2012-01-22  David GouletAdd kernel module version validation
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