lttng: add status command
[lttng-tools.git] / src / bin / lttng /
2015-11-11  Philippe Proulxlttng: add status command
2015-03-30  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement PID tracking for kernel tracing
2014-09-11  David GouletRemove enable/disable consumer obsolete command
2014-03-10  Jérémie GalarneauAdd load command to the lttng client
2014-03-10  Jérémie GalarneauAdd a save command based on the save API to the lttng...
2013-08-16  Mathieu DesnoyersPrepare for automake deprecation of missing subdir...
2013-06-27  David GouletAdd snapshot command to lttng UI
2012-10-02  Paul ChaventFix: Build out of src tree
2012-07-11  David GouletNetwork streaming support
2012-02-07  David GouletAdd the lttng view command
2012-01-20  David GouletFix missing headers in Makefiles
2012-01-20  David GouletAdd missing headers for make dist
2012-01-20  David GouletComplete change of the source directory tree
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