Clean-up: sessiond: change space to tabs
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2020-08-10  Jérémie GalarneauTests: add unix socket wrapper unit tests
2020-08-03  Jérémie GalarneauTests: rework tracefile_count test to meet the tracefil...
2020-07-27  Jérémie Galarneaupayload: use fd_handle instead of raw file descriptors
2020-07-27  Jérémie Galarneaucommon: move lttng_payload[_view] to libcommon
2020-07-22  Michael Jeansontests: return the proper TAP exit code
2020-07-21  Francis DeslauriersTests: live/test_{lttng_,}kernel: use lttng_test_filter...
2020-07-21  Francis DeslauriersCleanup: Tests: live/test_{lttng_,}ust: testapp not...
2020-07-21  Michael JeansonAdd kernel and UST time namespace context
2020-07-16  Jérémie GalarneauTests: add a "new metadata after clear" test
2020-07-14  Jérémie GalarneauFix: tests: interrupting get_next_notification causes...
2020-06-17  Jonathan Rajottetests: truncate metadata file for regenerate metadata...
2020-06-16  Ovidiu Panaittests: gen-ust-events-ns/tp.h: Fix build with musl...
2020-06-12  Jonathan RajotteFix: tests: output_dir contains the consumerd pipe
2020-06-11  Jérémie Galarneauliblttng-ctl: use lttng_payload for serialize/create_fr...
2020-05-26  Jérémie Galarneausessiond: enforce mmap output type for kernel metadata...
2020-05-19  Francis DeslauriersTests: test_exclusion: exclusion after tracing active
2020-05-19  Francis DeslauriersTests: `gen-ust-nevents`: add syncpoints
2020-05-19  Francis DeslauriersTests: accept built-in kernel modules
2020-05-05  Francis DeslauriersFix: tests: `-Wstringop-overflow` warning
2020-04-17  Simon Marchibuffer-view: introduce lttng_buffer_view_contains_string
2020-04-07  Jérémie GalarneauFix: lttng-load: support legacy PID tracker specification
2020-04-03  Jérémie GalarneauFix: relayd: harmonize path format in backward-compat...
2020-04-01  Michael JeansonTypo: 'Descritptor' -> 'Descriptor'
2020-03-26  Simon MarchiFix: tests: include callsites.h from callsites.c
2020-03-26  Simon MarchiFix: tests: make some functions static
2020-03-26  Simon MarchiFix: tests: add `void` parameter to functions that...
2020-03-26  Jérémie GalarneauRefactor: lttng-ctl: follow terminology of the tracker...
2020-03-20  Simon MarchiFix all -Wdiscarded-qualifiers warning instances
2020-03-20  Jonathan RajotteRemove part of last name to fit in a 80 character line
2020-03-20  Francis DeslauriersFix: Tests: trace path wildcards not expanded
2020-03-17  Francis DeslauriersFix: Tests: `gen-ust-events` doesn't error out on inval...
2020-03-17  Francis DeslauriersFix: Tests: merge `validate_{directory,folder...
2020-03-17  Francis DeslauriersFix: Tests: undefined `NR_USEC_WAIT` bash variable
2020-03-10  Jonathan RajotteFix: sessiond: domain subdirectory not deleted on empty...
2020-03-10  Simon Marchitests: put -no-pie in LDFLAGS instead of CFLAGS
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiMake create_file function static in gen-ust-tracef.c
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiMake remove_file_from_hierarchy function static in...
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiMake fd_count function static in test_fd_tracker.c
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiAdd declarations for exported functions in health_exit.c
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiAdd declarations for exported functions in health_fail.c
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiMake functions in live_test.c static
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiAdd declarations for exported functions in consumer_tes...
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiMake parse_arguments static in base_client.c
2020-03-10  Simon MarchiFix all -Wmissing-declarations warning instances
2020-03-02  Jérémie GalarneauTests: remove unused libhealthexit code
2020-02-28  Jérémie GalarneauFix: remove broken health monitoring test `test_thread_...
2020-02-18  Simon Marchitests: append to AM_CFLAGS instead of overriding it
2020-02-18  Francis DeslauriersTests: gen-ust-nevents: use options instead of arguments
2020-02-18  Francis DeslauriersTests: Cleanup: test_exclusion: more detailed output
2020-02-18  Francis DeslauriersFix: Tests: `test_exclusion` passing for the wrong...
2020-02-18  Francis DeslauriersTests: notification.c: remove extra space
2020-02-11  Francis DeslauriersTests: Fix: `wait_on_file()` returns too early
2020-02-11  Francis DeslauriersFix: Tests: fix unbound variable
2020-02-11  Francis DeslauriersTests: Fix typo: registerd -> registered
2020-02-11  Francis DeslauriersTests: Cleanup: remove unused bash variable
2020-02-11  Francis DeslauriersTypo: 'toogle' -> 'toggle'
2020-02-07  Jonathan RajotteFix: force the use of our _FORTIFY_SOURCE definition
2020-02-04  Jérémie GalarneauTests: fix: test_relayd_working_directory fails as...
2020-02-03  Jérémie GalarneauTests: fix: test_relayd_working_directory fails as...
2020-01-31  Jérémie GalarneauTests: fd-tracker: fix: leak of test paths
2020-01-31  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up: remove instances of loop initial declarations
2020-01-31  Michael Jeansontests: Move to kernel style SPDX license identifiers
2020-01-30  Jérémie Galarneaufd-tracker: restore suspended handles from their inode...
2020-01-17  Michael JeansonFix: build failure with -fno-common
2020-01-17  Francis DeslauriersFix: Tests: missing stream redirect causes test failure
2020-01-14  Francis DeslauriersFix: track-untrack.c: regression of `--all --pid` optio...
2020-01-14  Francis Deslaurierstrack-untrack.c: error out on unknown CLI options
2020-01-14  Jérémie GalarneauAdd test_event_tracker to the TESTS variable
2020-01-14  Francis DeslauriersAdd missing `test_event_tracker` to fast_regression
2020-01-13  Francis DeslauriersFix: build failures when `--without-lttng-ust`
2019-12-20  Jonathan RajotteFix: Skip uid registry when metadata key value is 0
2019-12-20  Mathieu Desnoyerstrackers: bump MI version to 4.0
2019-12-20  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: test uid/gid/pid/vuid/vgid/vpid trackers
2019-12-20  Jonathan Rajottetrackers: update list/track/untrack commands
2019-12-20  Jonathan Rajottetrackers: support tracking feature
2019-12-19  Jonathan Rajottetests: mi for clear command
2019-12-19  Jonathan Rajottetests: lttng clear command
2019-12-19  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: gen-ust-events: abort() on argument error
2019-12-19  Jonathan Rajottetests: gen-ust-events: add touch and wait sync points...
2019-12-19  Mathieu Desnoyerstests: gen-ust-events: use options instead of arguments
2019-12-19  Mathieu DesnoyersTest: consider chunk archive with...
2019-12-13  Jérémie GalarneauFix: make dist fails on sdt-probe test with autotools...
2019-12-13  Jonathan RajotteFix: tests: metadata presence on relayd is not determin...
2019-12-13  Jérémie GalarneauMake lttng_directory_handle reference countable
2019-12-09  Simon Marchitests: make functions static in test_notification.c
2019-12-09  Simon Marchitests: make functions static in test_utils_compat_poll.c
2019-12-09  Simon Marchitests: make functions static in test_utils_expand_path.c
2019-12-09  Simon Marchitests: make functions static in test_session.c
2019-12-09  Simon Marchitests: make functions static in test_uri.c
2019-12-09  Simon Marchitests: include foo.h in foo.c
2019-12-06  Simon Marchitests: add declaration for test_function in userspace...
2019-12-06  Simon Marchitests: add declarations for functions in gen-syscall...
2019-12-06  Simon Marchitests: make entry_handler static in ini_config test
2019-12-03  Jonathan RajotteFix: build: ust -> kernel mix-up in noinst_SCRIPTS
2019-11-29  Simon Marchitests: put `static` keyword at beginning of variable...
2019-11-27  Michael JeansonReplace libuuid with internal implementation
2019-11-25  Jérémie GalarneauFix: tests: missing argument in test output print statement
2019-11-25  Jérémie GalarneauSilence bogus warning when building with old GCC versions
2019-11-25  Jérémie GalarneauClean-up: tests: unchecked closedir value in test_fd_tr...
2019-11-23  Jérémie GalarneauTests: add fd-tracker tests for the unlink operation
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