2014-09-30  Philippe ProulxModernize README with Markdown
2014-09-30  David GouletAdd --list-options to save/load command
2014-09-30  David GouletFix: use max between index and nbmem for syscall table...
2014-09-30  David GouletFix: fd leak in inet accept call
2014-09-29  David GouletTest: add diag to each syscall test
2014-09-29  David GouletSupport syscall event in save session
2014-09-29  David GouletAdd syscall listing support
2014-09-29  David GouletFix: change perror to PERROR in kernel consumer
2014-09-29  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: syscall test: add missing semicolumns in match
2014-09-29  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: kernel consumer: issue put_subbuf on error
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersTest: add disable syscalls when none are enabled
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement tests for kernel syscall tracing feature
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: syscall tracing: disable all and missing error...
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement kernctl_syscall_mask
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement syscall mask ioctl
2014-09-25  Mathieu Desnoyerslttng-modules ABI: syscall field "enable"
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersAdd kernctl_syscall_list
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: Remove LTTNG_ENABLE_ALL_EVENT and LTTNG_DISABL...
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersImplement support for lttng-modules syscall filtering
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersSupport lttng-modules syscall filtering in enable-event
2014-09-25  Simon MarchiFix out-of-tree build
2014-09-25  Jérémie GalarneauFix: Propagate socket timeouts on lttcomm_accept_inet_s...
2014-09-25  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: report UST consumer channel creation error
2014-09-22  David GouletTest: Add the new log4j agent
2014-09-22  David GouletFix: memory leak in load session thread
2014-09-22  David GouletFix: kernel context memory leak on error
2014-09-22  David GouletFix: possible file descriptor leak in error path
2014-09-22  David GouletFix: use after free in agent subsystem
2014-09-19  David GouletAdd version to agent registration message
2014-09-19  Philippe ProulxFix: ignore error when loading optional kmod
2014-09-19  Philippe Proulxsessiond: Add --extra-kmod-probes option
2014-09-18  David GouletFix: remove break in lttng cmdline session listing
2014-09-15  David GouletFix: use default agent channel name in disable event
2014-09-11  David GouletRemove enable/disable consumer obsolete command
2014-09-11  David GouletAdd log4j default event and channel name handling
2014-09-10  David GouletFix: remove an odd no name directory from the test...
2014-09-10  David GouletFix: move easter egg after arg parsing else it breaks...
2014-09-08  Umut Tezduyar... Load modules through kmod
2014-09-08  David GouletAdd cscope files to gitignore
2014-09-05  David GouletFix: list agent event per domain only
2014-09-05  David GouletFix: typo in lttng list command for log4j
2014-09-05  David GouletTest: add disable-event JUL tests
2014-09-05  David GouletFix: disable-event for an agent domain
2014-09-05  David GouletFix: send disable ALL command code if event is *
2014-09-03  Julien DesfossezFix: make sure no index is in flight before using inact...
2014-09-03  Jérémie GalarneauTests: Validate that filters may be used with JUL's...
2014-09-03  Jérémie GalarneauFix: Parenthesize previous statement when adding condit...
2014-09-03  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix: mi print of probe attributes + validation
2014-09-03  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix: parse_prob_opts return the actual success of the...
2014-09-03  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix: list without a name is not an error
2014-09-03  David GouletTest: add match only event utils function
2014-08-16  Jérémie GalarneauFix: Man page typos
2014-08-16  Jonathan Rajotte... fix: mi: xsd: wrong comment for context_type_type
2014-08-16  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi & save/load: add option to indent or not on config...
2014-08-12  David GouletFix: remove racy wait_app from JUL tests
2014-08-08  David GouletAdding log4j agent support
2014-08-08  David GouletChange --jul-port-tcp and jul.port to use agent namespace
2014-08-08  David GouletAdd the support for multiple agent
2014-08-08  David GouletRefactor JUL to agent namespace
2014-08-05  Jérémie GalarneauTest: Ensure wildcards may only appear last in a string...
2014-08-05  Jérémie GalarneauDisallow wildcards in event names except as the last...
2014-08-05  Jérémie GalarneauWarn that wildcards must be used as the last character...
2014-07-31  David GouletFix: disable JUL event on destroy
2014-07-30  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: git version build system integration (v2)
2014-07-30  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: out of tree build by adding missing ini.c include
2014-07-29  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix: mi: missing files on make dist
2014-07-29  Jonathan Rajotte... mi: add machine interface description to man page
2014-07-29  David GouletFix: always use git describe --all --long for the git...
2014-07-29  David GouletAdd --disable-git-version to configure
2014-07-29  Jonathan Rajotte... Always print GIT_VERSION even if empty
2014-07-29  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix: mi: logically dead code, missing ret assignment
2014-07-28  Simon MarchiChange wfq usages for wfcq
2014-07-28  Mathieu DesnoyersFix: unbalanced ustconsumer32_data.pid_mutex lock
2014-07-28  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi test: make sure to not auto load session when using...
2014-07-28  David GouletFix: comment syntax and indentation
2014-07-25  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix: remove duplicate elements definition in mi_lttng.xsd
2014-07-23  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi: fix: use GIT_VERSION inplace of FULL_NAME
2014-07-23  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix: Mi: use sub field of version struct for version...
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Add test utilities to gitignore
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Test: Mi test suite
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix test: use local prefix for function scoped variable
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi test: Refactoring and multiple test suites
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix test: add custom output redirector to
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi test: Basic test structure
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix mi: validation for snapshot element
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi fix: conserve original error handling behaviour
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Improve bash completion with the use of mi and xmllint
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix mi: use of wrong variable for error propagation
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi fix: refactor disable_channel mi output to success...
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Comment mi: update mi_lttng_domain todo
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Fix mi: add support for Jul loglevel
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi fix: basic formatting
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi disable-channel command: support and validation
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi disable-event command: support and validation
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi set-session command: support and validation
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi enable-event command: support for enable-event command
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi enable-channel command: support and validation
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi add-context command: support and validation
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi calibrate command: support and validation
2014-07-22  Jonathan Rajotte... Mi destroy command: support and validation
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