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last changeThu, 2 Sep 2021 03:51:39 +0000 (23:51 -0400)
2021-09-02  Simon MarchiAdd `extern "C"` to header master
2021-08-31  Francis DeslauriersForce usage of ARGPAR_ASSERT() condition when NDEBUG...
2021-08-25  Philippe Proulxargpar/argpar.h: update API documentation
2021-08-25  Simon MarchiEncode error type in argpar_error
2021-08-20  Simon MarchiRemove unused ARGPAR_PRINTF_FORMAT macro
2021-08-05  Simon MarchiFix unknown option name length computation in set_error
2021-06-04  Philippe Proulxargpar.c: add comments describing static functions
2021-06-04  Philippe Proulxstruct argpar_iter: put user data under nested structure
2021-06-04  Philippe Proulxenum argpar_iter_next_status: assign negative integral...
2021-06-04  Philippe ProulxAdd parsing error API
2021-06-04  Philippe set the version of the project to 0.1.0
2021-06-04  Philippe Proulxargpar.h: Doxygenize
2021-06-04  Philippe Proulxargpar.c: use the "short option group" terminology...
2021-06-04  Philippe ProulxRemove the argpar_parse() API
2021-06-04  Philippe ProulxRemove "invalid argument" statuses
2021-06-04  Philippe ProulxParse `-` and `--` as non-option arguments
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