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ownerEfficios Inc.
last changeTue, 23 Jul 2019 19:34:16 +0000 (15:34 -0400)
7 hours ago  Michael Jeansontests: fix Windows support in test_convert_args master
7 hours ago  Michael Jeansontests: readlink 'canonicalize' is GNU specific
7 hours ago  Michael Jeansontests: fix Python plugin provider tests on Windows
9 hours ago  Philippe ProulxStandardize `!ptr` i/o `ptr == NULL`, `ptr` i/o `ptr...
13 hours ago  Philippe Proulxbt2: do not require sink component's _graph_is_configur...
13 hours ago  Philippe Proulxbt2: move _bt_graph_is_configured_from_native() to...
14 hours ago  Michael JeansonUpdate python bindings gitignore for native_bt.c
14 hours ago  Simon Marchicli: automatically detect sources for leftover arguments
14 hours ago  Simon Marchisrc.ctf.lttng-live: LOGI instead of LOGW when getting...
2 days ago  Mathieu Desnoyerssink.text.pretty: don't use printf for binary values
2 days ago  Mathieu Desnoyerssink.text.pretty: use bt_common_g_string_append and...
2 days ago  Mathieu Desnoyerssink.text.pretty: remove field filtering
2 days ago  Mathieu Desnoyerssink.text.pretty: do not printf field name strings
2 days ago  Mathieu Desnoyerssink.text.pretty: use bt_common_g_string_append_printf
2 days ago  Mathieu Desnoyerscommon: implement bt_common_g_string_append and bt_comm...
2 days ago  Mathieu Desnoyerscommon: implement bt_common_g_string_append_printf
4 weeks ago v1.5.7 Version 1.5.7
2 months ago v2.0.0-pre5 Version v2.0.0-pre5
12 months ago v1.5.6 Version 1.5.6
15 months ago v1.5.5 Version 1.5.5
17 months ago v1.4.4 Version 1.4.4
17 months ago v1.5.4 Version 1.5.4
22 months ago v2.0.0-pre4 Version 2.0.0-pre4
23 months ago v1.5.3 Version 1.5.3
23 months ago v1.4.3 Version 1.4.3
2 years ago v2.0.0-pre3 Version 2.0.0-pre3
2 years ago v2.0.0-pre2 Version 2.0.0-pre2
2 years ago v2.0.0-pre1 Version 2.0.0-pre1
2 years ago v1.5.2 Version 1.5.2
2 years ago v1.4.2 Version 1.4.2
2 years ago v1.5.1 Version 1.5.1
2 years ago v1.4.1 Version 1.4.1
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