descriptionBabelTrace - Trace Format Babel Tower
ownerEfficios Inc.
last changeWed, 16 Aug 2017 19:43:52 +0000 (15:43 -0400)
38 hours ago Jérémie GalarneauFix sink.ctf.fs: NULL dereference in logging statement master
38 hours ago Jérémie GalarneauFix filter.utils.muxer: NULL dereference in logging...
2 days ago Mathieu DesnoyersFix: overflowed return value
2 days ago Mathieu DesnoyersFix: attempt to fix improper use of negative value
2 days ago Mathieu DesnoyersFix: add missing overflow check in bt_ctf_stream_pos_ac...
2 days ago Mathieu DesnoyersFix: uninitialized return value on error
2 days ago Mathieu DesnoyersFix: handle unknown enum mapping
2 days ago Mathieu DesnoyersCleanup: no need to check for NULL before g_free
2 days ago Philippe ProulxUpdate Python bindings and tests to match the latest API
6 days ago Philippe Proulxlib/plugin/plugin.c: do not use G_MODULE_BIND_LOCAL...
6 days ago Philippe ProulxAdd built-in colander sink component class
6 days ago Philippe ProulxRemove include of <babeltrace-internal.h> from public...
6 days ago Philippe Proulxtests/lib/test-plugin-plugins/minimal.c: add missing...
6 days ago Philippe Proulxcli/babeltrace-log.c: include <string.h> for strdup()
6 days ago Philippe Proulxgraph: check if graph has at least one sink to return...
6 days ago Philippe ProulxFix: CC prio. map. leak in event notification
13 days ago v1.5.3 Version 1.5.3
13 days ago v1.4.3 Version 1.4.3
5 weeks ago v2.0.0-pre3 Version 2.0.0-pre3
5 weeks ago v2.0.0-pre2 Version 2.0.0-pre2
2 months ago v2.0.0-pre1 Version 2.0.0-pre1
5 months ago v1.5.2 Version 1.5.2
7 months ago v1.4.2 Version 1.4.2
7 months ago v1.5.1 Version 1.5.1
8 months ago v1.4.1 Version 1.4.1
8 months ago v1.5.0 Version 1.5.0
9 months ago v1.5.0-rc1 Version 1.5.0-rc1
14 months ago v1.2.6 Version 1.2.6
14 months ago v1.3.3 Version 1.3.3
14 months ago v1.4.0 Version 1.4.0
15 months ago v1.4.0-rc1 Version 1.4.0-rc1
17 months ago v1.3.2 Version 1.3.2
38 hours ago master
7 days ago stable-2.0
13 days ago stable-1.5
13 days ago stable-1.4
14 months ago stable-1.2
14 months ago stable-1.3
2 years ago stable-1.1
3 years ago freescale-nexus
3 years ago stable-1.0